Please read our rules before signing the members application form.



We Do our own private events for our friends and members of the Technoheartsfamily – Heartlings.

This registration is open monday-thursday.
We need time to verify and approve you membership manually.

Is a closed Private Community for our closest friends and friends of our friends.We want to keep it like this since we really want to know everybody, We call us Heartlings.

To become a Heartling you MUST know at least one of our members personally, If you know more than one member, even better, just
put that in your application form below under Vouch!!
We are all about Electronic Music , Dancing, Friends & Family united.
Together Doing what we love!


Most of our rules are common sens:

    This is a basic rule that has a wide variety of practical applications. If you think you are being dumb, chances are you’re being dumb.
    Children under the ageof 18 are not permitted.
    The Organizers and Security are there to keep things safe and serene for everyone. Please don’t argue with them.
    Please Don’t buy any tickets before you get a comfirmationmail that your membership is approved! Tickets are personal, can not be sold to anyone else.
    If you miss an event and have a Unscanned , unused BillettoTicket, you do have a chance of attending  any of the next 2 closest events.
    Please understand that you are not allowed to  share ANY information regarding an event, Invitation,  tickets or location with anyone.  Distribution of information, ticketslinks , location with anyone will only get you banned.
    Tickets purchased by anyone without a personal invitation or similar will not be  refunded. Same rule applies if you got banned or do not follow these rules. No refund!
    We don’t tolerate any form of aggression, no sexism, no racism of any kind.
    Its probided to Distribute or sell any form of illegal substances.
    If you see any form of distribution or other please contact our security or organizer
  • ITEMS (Sifons/Alcohol)
    Its probided to bring Sifones ( nitrous oxide tubes)  into our events.
    After each event the last 3 years we have collected thousands and thousands of these metal tubes that people just throw away in the nature or floor.
    If you bring a sifon to any of our events, make sure you give it to the Entrance (outdoor)  or  wardrobe if we are indoor for safe keeping,
    If we find anyone using a sifon at any of our events we will take it away permanently,   Same thing Apply for Alcohol. If you see anyone that use or sell any of above, please contact our security or organizer
    To most of us, this goes without saying. Respect your own space and that of others. If you feel that your space is threatened by anyone or anything, please grab your nearest Security or Organizer. Respect each other and all living things. Respect our countrys laws and Lawenforcements. They really ARE our Friends! and we like to keep it like that.
    Never Share any of locations with others except Members.
    As you might expect, this is a leave no trace event. What does that mean? It means that if you bring something to our events, it must leave the event when you do. Please be prepared to be on MOOP patrol and haul your trash home with you.
    Get to the location as quiet as you can be so you don’t disturb neighbors if present around us.
    Just in case you missed it the first time. Stupid happens all by itself.
  • SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITYWhile the organizers have taken great steps to ensure the safety of those who attend, we ask that you feel empowered to help keep the event safe. In short… if you see someone breaking any of the rules, don’t be afraid to tell them. If you don’t feel comfortable telling them, then please tell us.

I think most of you understand.. our simple rules.
With Love/ Zebastian Lopez