Hey Heartlings 💗 My friends and choosen family.

Unfortunately we need to address a problem. We DO have Zero tolerance when it comes to:

# Any form of harassement, racism and agression, 

# Any form of bullying, freezing or bullshit

# WE dont support any use or dealing of illegal substances.

And we do try too spread the message on the parties and online.

But its brought to our attention that we have people visiting our private parties selling drugs.. This people does not belong in our community and will deleted and blocked from our memberlist.

We wont tolerate this kind of behavior and will take action. Any kind of drugdealer/ Harrasement / racism or aggression will be reported and escorted out and never be able to attend our parties.

Our parties is supposed to be about music, dancing and the love for the scene!

Thank you all that brought this to our attention.
We will take action NOW!

With Love / Technohearts Crew