Welcome to TechnoHearts AB
We rent out equipment for events.
Sound, Lights, Lasers, Stages, Microphones, Electric Generators Ā and more.. (Ā 

But we also throw our own private events for our friends and members of the Technoheartsfamily – Heartlings

Registration is open 24/7 unless we have an event , registration closes one day before the event since we need time to verify and approve you membership manually.

(This happensĀ after you Ā register. Someone in our community must approve your membership since this is a closedĀ community.)

You must know at least 1 person that is a member that can vouch for you. And put that persons name in the Vouchfield in the registration )Ā 

PleaseĀ Don’t buy any tickets before you get a comfirmationmail that your membership is approved!